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Publishing and academia

I offer a wide range of professional publishing services from translation to writing, localisation, transcreation, revision, editing, and proofreading.

To date, I’ve translated more than 30 books from English and French into Italian and edited over 100 publications.

My services are tailored to meet the needs of my clients, from small independent publishers to universities and large publishing houses.

As necessary, I will supervise the entire translation and editing process, from the client brief to the final delivery, coordinating with the project team.

I specialise in:

As a translator and editor, I have worked with prestigious publishers, including: Giunti Editore, Antonio Vallardi Editore, Feltrinelli Editore, Edizioni Piemme, ROI Edizioni, Trinity Whitebridge, MyLife Edizioni, Pearson, FrancoAngeli.  

Take a look at my portfolio for a comprehensive list of projects and collaborations or contact me to discuss your project.

Coaching and human resources (HR)

With a Master’s degree in Education and years of translation experience, I provide translation, copywriting and transcreation services in the fields of coaching, personal growth and human resources training.

I translate corporate training (HR) and coaching content (texts and slides) for leading multinational companies.

I have also translated more than 1.8 million words on coaching, productivity, and mindfulness from English to Italian.

I can help you with all this and more:

Psychology and self-help

In recent years, self-help and self-care have become increasingly popular. There’s been a growing awareness that our minds need the same care our bodies do. 

There are now all kinds of courses and publications out there to help us learn about methods, techniques, and possibilities for personal growth, and the Italian market is an excellent one to tap into.

Channelling my personal interest in these topics into my profession, I’ve translated and edited all kinds of publications including non-fiction books, textbooks
and academic articles
related to:

To date, I’ve translated more than 25 books related to coaching, productivity, mindfulness, self-help and nutrition from English to Italian, by best-selling authors including Cal Newport, Marie Forleo, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Tara Brach, Gabrielle Bernstein, Ekhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Anthony William, Louise Hay.

Education and children’s media content

I’m here to help Italian-speaking kids and teens embark on surprising and enthralling adventures, as well as to show them that books and educational apps can be fun!

I translate, transcreate and edit books and apps for kids and young adults.

I also work on schoolbooks, translating, editing and writing texts and exercises for language learning books for secondary and high school students, history textbooks, and extracurricular materials, with a focus on creating content and exercises to support children with specific learning disorders.

I can help with translation, editing and writing of:

As a translator, editor, and editorial writer, I have worked with many publishing houses specialising in children’s books and schoolbooks.
Some of these are: Piemme Edizioni, Touring Junior, Motta Junior, Trinity Whitebridge, Zanichelli.

Travel and tourism

My passion for travelling has led me far and wide, giving me insights into different cultures and customs. 

In recent years, I’ve translated over 60 publications for the tourism and hospitality industry for prestigious series such as Rough Guides, Routards, and Touring Editore.

Here’s how I can help:

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