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Creative Italian translation, editing and copywriting

Whether you’re a company, a publishing house, an agency
or an individual, when you contact me about a project I’ll listen carefully to your goals and needs.

Tell me all about your project, and I’ll let you know how I can best help you.



You need accurate, engaging Italian texts that convey your vision. Thanks to my flair for writing, my qualifications and my long experience in Italian publishing, I can provide you with just that.




SEO Translation

I’ll adapt your text to make it perfect for Italian-speaking readers, thinking outside the box to come up with creative solutions that really resonate with them. 

For technical translations, I use CAT tools such as Trados 2022, which help me manage terminology, translation memories and glossaries. Because of my extensive knowledge of these tools, I can deliver high-quality, consistent and accurate translations in the shortest possible time frame.

You can rely on me for:

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Bilingual revision

All my translations include a meticulous revision service as standard. Sentence by sentence, I’ll compare the original text with the Italian text.

I’ll check that nothing has been overlooked and the translation reflects the original, both in content and style, so that you can be confident the Italian version is accurate.

I’m always available for questions and feedback after delivery.

I’m also happy to provide this service separately if you’ve had an Italian translation done by another provider and want to make sure it’s up to standard.

Italian editing and MTPE

The art of editing focuses on improving the clarity, readability and effectiveness
of your text.

When providing this service, the focus will be on tone, style, sentence structure, achieving an Italian text that sounds natural, fluent, and engaging and ensuring the message is being delivered. With over 100 books edited to date, nothing gets past me!

Editing by a native professional gives publishing houses, companies and individuals
the reassurance that their text will give the right impression.


If you’re putting a text out into the world, you need the peace of mind that it’s free of any errors.

Through my proofreading service, you’ll feel all the benefits of my eye for detail and long experience in the publishing industry.

I’ll deal with every typo and punctuation error, and make sure your style guide is being followed in terms of the use of upper and lower case, italics, consistent spelling and more.

I’ll also check the formatting of any graphs and tables and the bibliography, should one be present.

Your text can be amended directly in the document (Word or InDesign), or using tracking tools, comments, or annotations.

Would you like to engage Italian readers?

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Italian copywriting

My experience in the publishing industry gave me the opportunity to develop writing and copywriting skills. 

I learned how to craft stories that engage, inform, and entertain readers. I also developed an eye for detail
and the ability to edit my own work.

I have the experience to make sure you get the content you need to reach and engage your target Italian audience. Contact me for compelling, effective texts that boost your sales and revenue:

Publishing texts:

If you’re in the publishing industry, here’s how I can help. 

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editing or copywriting services, I’d love to hear all about your project.