Creative Italian translation, editing and copywriting
by a professional with 20 years of experience

Arianna Bevilacqua

Hello, I’m Arianna Bevilacqua

I’m here to communicate your message in Italian with clarity and vision.

A translator, editor and copywriter based in Italy working from English and French
to Italian, I collaborate with clients all over the world, ensuring they receive accurate
and high-quality texts.

Certified as a publishing translator by AITI (Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters) since 2018, I’m passionate about connecting cultures and conveying
the nuances of each language through creative and compelling translations.

The story behind the translator

All kinds of roads can lead to freelance translation. The path that led me to where I am today wound its way through the publishing industry, providing me with all kinds of skills I still use every day.

Following two years of philosophy studies, I earned my Master’s degree in Education in 2005. I then began working as an editor at a children’s book publishing house, where I was responsible for the Italian translation of the publishing catalogue of a prestigious French publishing house (Actes Sud Junior). On top of that, I coordinated external editorial agencies and edited marketing materials and book catalogues.

I began working as a professional translator in 2008. I’ve been translating full-time since 2016, and publishing is one of my main specialisations. Over the years, I have expanded my services to include education, coaching (corporate and HR training, personal development, self-help, meditation), psychology, social sciences, and tourism.

Away from work? You can find me trying out new asanas in yoga class. You may also catch me hiking in the high mountains or cycling between hills and the sea.

Questions about my experience

or how I might be able to help you?